The Amazing Effect of Social Media On Horse Businesses

In a previous Hold Your Horses Blog I discussed the importance of Social Media Marketing and how it can greatly enhance your marketing effectiveness. With little or no cost your business can reach far and wide and engage with your fans and potential customers with much greater ease and fluiditity.

"We don't have a choice on whether we DO Social Media, the question is HOW WELL WE DO IT!" - Erik Qualmann

Social Media Marketing is an education based tool. It doesn't cost money but it does take time. The problem is for horse professional’s, time is typically your most limited resource. I touched on this in another Hold Your Horses Blog on how to value your time. The best way to improve your social media results is to work smarter not harder.

Knowing what creates results and what does not is essential. Understanding this can ensure what limited time you do have to give to this essential part of your marketing strategy at least provides the right results. Recruiting a professional to undertake this on your behalf ensures you always get the right results.

Some interesting insight by Elisabeth McMillan and Chad Mendell of Equestrian Professional on the effect a targeted Social Media plan can have on an equestrian business. The company discussed is EasyCare Boots. Through their effective use of Social Media their brand exposure multipled ten fold with the end result being they sold more boots. By using Social Media they cut their traditional marketing budget by 90% but despite this were rewarded far more than they would have been had they spent those funds on traditional marketing activities.

Case Study video for Easy Care Boots.

Social Media is the most powerful marketing and relationship tool the equine industry has ever had available to attract, educate and inspire customers. Five years ago there was already evidence showing the increased usage and effectiveness of Social Media marketing in the equestrian world. The video below provides some stats from back then.

Five years later that orange bar would be at least equal to if not surpass the 'word of mouth' figures. Expert projections from 2010 to 2018 show that figures have doubled between 2011 and 2016 and will continue to grow exponentially.

Social Media began in the mid noughties and has grown and grown not only as a social networking platform as initially envisaged but as a business marketing tool that 70% of Irish businesses are using with great effectiveness.

The Social Media Revolution continues in 2016

To ensure you are getting as much from your Social Media activity as you could be contact Dark Horse to discuss how I can help your business achieve the results that are possible by the effective and co-ordinated use of Social Media.

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